HHM is back… Took a long time off and to be honest it was mostly because although I still peruse for new music every day things have been pretty quiet and the music has been horrible.

I blame this on the fact that house music is getting so popular and many squids are looking to make a quick buck with garage band and their sister’s shitty voice. 

nonetheless i missed you all and enjoy… summer rage is in effect 


Scissor Sisters — Only the Horses (Calvin Harris Remix) 

I don’t know if the scissor sisters are guys or girls, or if liking this song calls my sexuality into question but i fucking love it….. not that theres anything wrong with that 


sympho nympho - we groove

this is a sample from one of the more recent tiesto club life editions… really good trance/house combination. definitely not “single” material (ie levels) but i dont know i just picture myself like walking into a club in eurotrip and trying to make out with michelle trachtenberg 


apster ft. eva simmons - i need more 

eva simmons is the same woman who sang the hook on “take over control”… this is quite possibly the best house song i have heard since then as well. just a perfect combination of beat, vocal and awesome bridge….

chicks will love this one i think 


arty - open space

for those of you who don’t know arty… he’s a boss. young kid whos like 18 and has come out with 10 billion songs already. a few were bound to be good. this is one of them. 

definitely a little busy to be a dance legend song but its damn good 


Dub Vision — All by Myself (Tujamo remix) 

most people have probably heard this song’s hook but this remix blows the original away. kinda bingo players-y with the simplicity of the beat but it makes for a great song 


tony junior — feelin kinda strange

i dont know any tony junior besides anthony soprano junior, and he was a douche bag. this guy is crispy though. awesome tune.

female vocal hook, good buildup and drop. 



candyland and dirty rock - four loko 

i usually dont put dubstep on hingham house mafia but this is just too good to pass up. this song is called “four loko” and the audio is hilarious…… four loko is brilliant 

download here

Source: SoundCloud / DIRTYROCK

lucky date - girl gone wild 

i am a huge madonna fan, theres no hiding that. remixed by lucky date, this is a dance floor destroyer. real cripsy 

download here

Source: SoundCloud / Lucky Date

wolfgang gartner - push and rise (prototyperaptor bootleg)

theres different kinds of house out there. most of it you need to give a minute to see if its really worth your while — even levels needs a minute to really hit you 

some songs you press play and they just blow you away. this is one of those songs. 

download here                      

Source: SoundCloud / PrototypeRaptor

rogerseventytwo - take me higher (kids at the bar remix)

no CLUE who these guys are but this song is absolutely amazing. catchy little vocal hook but the bass and synths absolutely BANG i love this track 

download here

Source: bangerzonly.com / Kids At The Bar

martin solveig - the night out (madeon remix)

so everyone knows martin solveig and everyone knows madeon too, but you just might not remember. madeon is a 17 year old french kid and he is the same legend who brought us alphabeat. 

just like alphabeat, solveigs version of this song was super cut and madeon made it amazing. enjoy 

download here 

Source: SoundCloud / Madeon

sharam - our love (heren remix)

no idea what sharam is, no idea what who heren is, how he or she found this song or why they chose to remix it

but jeez i am really glad they did. absolute bangjob, incredible tune

download here

Source: SoundCloud / Marios Muzik

swedish house mafia - greyhound

wow. another absolute smasher from swedish house mafia (#2 house mafia). this song is absolutely incredible, these guys are amazing. enjoy…

could not find a free download…. lo siento bro

Source: SoundCloud / Plasmahouse

axwell - feel the vibe (till the morning comes)

another solid track from axwell. kind of weird female vocals but i like it, the drop is good and its a fun song

Source: SoundCloud / Dj Crazy Club